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"It's so easy and enjoyable! I've Lost 17lbs and 13cm off my belly in 12 weeks."
Erika Cowie, 39


“TDL has been amazing for me only 10 weeks in and I’m back to almost my waist size when I was in my 20s. The weight is just dropping off me and the most interesting part is I’ve never felt like I have been on a diet as I’m not I’m just eating all the foods I love and thinking about food a different way like I have never thought of before. 

I was a horrendous chocoholic and now only 10 weeks In I still enjoy my chocolate but don’t over indulge with it. It feels like I’m finally set free from that chain I was once attached to that I couldn’t stop myself from eating so much of it.

Coaching with Aileen at TDL has truly made me so happy. I am content and stress free from worrying about what I am eating. I would recommend TDL to anyone who is struggling not just with weight loss but with thoughts psychology with food. 

I’m only at the start of my journey with TDL but the results have been incredible in such a small time, even at 2-3 weeks in the results were almost unbelievable. 

I have still enjoyed nights out & eating out all in this time and know that life is all about balance in your life. 

I would love for the whole world to feel how I feel right now. DO TDL it WILL change your life!”

Cher Chalmers, 42

“Aileen offers a personal service. What I particularly like is that she is not ridged to what is “good” or “bad”. She supports me in finding what helps me to enjoy what I are eating and lose weight. She allows for real life situations and provides me with access to reading material and tools to supporting me in changing my lifestyle. 

Our weekly check-ins are 100% personal and the fortnightly skype consultations allow for a good conversation to explore my obstacles and offer support and solutions.

I’m definitely a work in progress and not a model student, but she has a good mix of support and butt kicking as required!

I have tried a number of ‘diet clubs’ over the years and this is a way of eating & lifestyle that is sustainable for the future.”

Jayne Simmons, 54

"TDL has changed my life!

I previously thought myself healthy and fit. However, Aileen has taken me to a new level I never thought I could achieve. By coaching and educating me, she has helped me make permanent, sustainable changes to my nutrition and lifestyle that not only do I enjoy and understand the science behind, make me feel physically and psychologically phenomenal. I’m more energetic, more alert, refreshed, physically stronger, more confident and overall more positive. An added bonus is my improved physique

Aileen delivers her services in balanced manner; friendly, supportive and nurturing whilst oozing professionalism. It was evident her knowledge of nutrition was thoroughly researched, in-depth and passionate. I couldn’t commend her service anymore!"

Julie Bremner, 38

"There are no words to do the service Aileen provides justice.  Aileen provides a bespoke service of a platinum standard. 


I initially signed up as I felt I was working hard in the gym but seeing very little results. I was keen to learn how I should be fuelling my body. During my time with Aileen I've lost a substantial amount of body fat, built muscle, got stronger while changing my mindset, habits and relationships with food. 


My journey was both safe and sustainable. As a platinum client Aileen coached me on a very personal level using weekly check ins, Skype sessions and educational topics which were relevant to the progress or obstacles I faced that week.  Before I began with Aileen I never realised the importance of other factors such as mindset, stress, hydration and sleep. I now realised that it's more than just what you put in your mouth! 


Aileen encourages, educates and motivates you every step of the way. For me, the experience has changed my life. No low calorie meal plans in sight, no bland chicken and broccoli meals and she didn't ban ANY foods or drinks!


It's not a diet it's an education." 

Julie Crichton, 41

“I first contacted Aileen in July 2017 at 16 stone and 6 pounds. I’d had enough. I was turning 40 next year and this was my motivation for me to sort myself out! I‘m a massage therapist and a few of my clients were coming in, looking and feeling amazing. I asked them what their secret was and they told be proudly they were doing TDL. I enjoy my food and I didn’t want to compromise on the things I love to eat, I had to find out who TDL was, I knew this was what I needed!

TDL is not a diet it’s a total re-train of how to eat the foods you love. It changes the way you think about food. I’ve never felt I’m missing out on anything. I mean in my second nutrition plan Aileen incorporated full fat cheese, black pudding, ice cream, chocolate & even a little alcohol now and again. What’s nae to love?! I understand these foods are far from optimal, and are high in saturated fats but if I had eliminated these completely I would have ended up binging and eating more!


I couldn’t understand how I had got so heavy considering I was into my fitness and trained regularly at the gym. Aileen taught me that you cannot out train a bad diet and she is right. It really is what you put into your mouth!


Aileen was so supportive the whole way through and I can’t thank her enough! I know if I’m ever stuck I can get back in touch.


 TDL really is like a wee family, so much support and ass kicking from everyone in the team when it’s needed. I now have the tools to help me achieve my goals for turning 40! Also for the first time in years I saw 13 on the scales. It’s not all about that number but I’m proud to say that after 24 weeks I’m weighing in at 13st12lbs!!


I feel Amazing!! Long may this continue!”

Erika Cowie, 39

"I was on yet another fad diet (Cambridge) when I discovered This Doctor Lifts. I was sticking to the highly restrictive, regimentally prescribed plan but not losing weight. I had overheard in the staff canteen that work colleagues had worked with Aileen at This Doctor Lifts and had achieved some fantastic results. Furthermore, they were eating real food, the food they loved and craved and were even enjoying the odd chocolate or ice cream too.  I was a little apprehensive to begin with; I had been a yoyo dieter 23 years and restricted different food groups for different diets. Eating everything (in moderation) was an Alien concept to me! I could not get my head around eating 3 complete meals and 3 snacks each day!


Aileen has helped me in many ways. The main thing we focused on was my relationship with food and changing my mindset.  Aileen is unique and she has a very personal way of coaching which is second to none, she educates, supports and backs up her information with evidence based research.


I now have a far better understanding of how both macro and micronutrients work with our bodie. More importantly I understand how vitally important it is that I eat properly, decent meals, home cooked and packed with micronutrients. When I deviate from this it’s unbelievable how my body is affected when I don't.    

Education was an important part of my journey and Aileen provided me with Team TDL education topics to support me each week. This helped me to  understand areas I was lacking knowledge when it came to my mindset, relationship with food, lifestyle and diet.  Aileen also pointed me in the right direction of books to help expand my experience.  


The service was personal, confidential and I felt entirely supported every step of the way. I feel that I could go to Aileen at anytime.  She always made the effort to go the extra mile and nothing was ever to much trouble for her.


It’s incredible to reflect back on who I was to who I have become."

Roberta Smith, Mum of 2.

Coaching is bespoke and by application only.

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