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See what our 1:1 clients have to say about their experience.


"TDL is much more than a nutrition plan, I have spent my time with the TDL understanding myself deeper than I ever have before.

I now feel inspired, positive and in control. The weight loss feels almost a secondary outcome for me, I have the tools and mindset to continue to create a long-term healthy lifestyle for me and my family.

You will never regret joining TDL, although you may be like me and wish you’d joined earlier."

Sandra Robb


"6 weeks into my TDL journey and I can already see the shift in my mindset and control around food. Knowing that I can enjoy my favourite foods, go out for meals and socialise without the guilt, with the added bonus of still being able to lose weight. It has been a great experience so far, from the warmest of welcomes from the coaches and TDL members, to the fantastic support they provide each week."

Lucy Arnott


"I have noticed that I am now feeling empowered to be providing my body with healthy and nutritious meals. I had one day recently when I was super tired - I had thoughts in my head that I was too tired to cook anything - previously I would have had a bowl of cereal and then probably binged (because I would have still been hungry) but I was disciplined and still cooked and felt great after. I have noticed that my hunger has lessened loads since starting TDL."

Becky Laura


"I started with This Doctor lifts with 5 day challenge. The support, encouraging words made me want more, I really needed help, support and I felt ready to change. I have completed my first full week and the support, positive energy and coaching has been amazing.

TDL is helping change my outlook, bringing me achievements that mean something"

Nicky Evans


"I started TDL 3 months ago as the free 5 day challenge (never realising that it would lead me onto this beautiful journey next)….

With TDL the whole ethos is SO different - the journey is an extremely positive,self nurturing pathway but it’s backed by evidence based facts and theories that make so much sense!

I love the holistic approach it has and the fact that it really resonates with professional women who are usually spending their working lives trying to nurture others, but never getting the time or opportunity to care"

Priti Barua


"I am just about to finish 12 weeks of Graduates and would highly recommend the TDL programme.

My problem with dieting had been sustainability.

Food planning has saved me! Have exercise planned and a monthly challenge has worked for me. I’m not saying my diet is now perfect but I have lost over 10kg, a bit more to go and feel 100% better about my body.

Thanks for the experience!"

Nicky Evans


I’ve just finished my first 12 weeks with TDL and can’t recommend this programme enough.

Before I joined TDL I was locked in a cycle of restriction during the week and then binging at the weekend, each time convincing myself that I could start over again every Monday.

TDL has supported me in breaking this cycle, I no longer feel restricted and haven’t felt like I have been on a diet at all, I have still been able to enjoy the foods I love! As well as helping with weight loss I have also improved my sleep, reduced my stress levels and increased my exercise.

I feel much happier and healthier. I’m now looking forward to the next part of my journey with TDL. 

Caroline Baird


"I have just finished the mindset for weight loss course. I worked with Raeleen. I really can't praise her enough. She is an excellent mindset coach! If you get the opportunity to work with Raeleen I would jump at it.

She has helped me to recognise the triggers of my emotional eating. Stress was a big problem for me, to the point it was affecting my physical health, I felt very low at times and Raeleen has helped me to find ways to de-stress and take time for myself. I now feel far more in control of myself and will be progressing on the next leg of my journey and continuing to work with TDL."

Ruth Paterson


"Where do I start I have tried everything with no lasting success or thought I had, around Christmas Time I found myself sending an email to TDL I am still unsure why I done this but forever thankful that I did.

I was shocked to realise that weight loss wasn’t the important goal I thought it was, I am currently enjoying better health, massively decreased pain levels, clearer thinking more focus and contentment my family are happier and healthier I enjoy everything I eat and taste it again oh and I have lost almost 8kg."

Jayne Trimble


"The best investment I have ever made .

I have learnt to value myself and take responsibility for my future .

This has all been done with professional

educated and non judgemental people .

I have learnt to like me for who I am and the consequence of that is happiness."

Kath Young

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