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Motivation; where the hell does it come from?!

April 2, 2018

Do you just waken up one day and decide to hustle 💪🏼 like a mother? Suddenly all the planets align and you’re on it like a car 🚘 bonnet? Are we genetically predetermined to be awesome 😎 all of the time? 👏🏼 or does motivation come and go like the seasons? ☀️ ❄️ 💨 🌧

Motivation comes in two main forms; internal and external. Motivation is goal and mindset dependent. 🐯 it’s not a switch that can simply be turned on or off 💡 

My advice:
Step 1: Set a goal that means something to you, a goal with an emotional trigger . 😉

Step 2: Break down your end goal into mini, short term goals with non food rewards e.g fit into a size X dress and then treat yourself to something nice e.g. a facial (boys too 😂)

Step 3: Surround yourself with successful and positive people who will continue to cheer you on. Cut out the negative 👎🏼 shit. Nobody needs that!

Step 4: Always have a plan B, some motivation in reserve. It may be a playlist, a you tube channel, a friend, training partner, Instagram profile, a few quotes, old photos or anything else to tap into when you are struggling😀

Step 5: Tell people what you are doing. Make yourself accountable!

Step 6: HUSTLE! Progress won’t be linear, success never is but step back and look at the trend.🐯

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