Aberdeen United Kingdom

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Coaching explained

Coaching at TDL is a journey of self discovery. It's about taking control of your health, losing weight and optimising your energy.

In order to achieve sustainable results we must look at all aspects of your lifestyle including stress, sleep, self care, nutrition, exercise, relationships, mindset etc. We must identify the root cause of the problem and treat the source of the issue.

At TDL a temporary nutrition plan based approach is used. Your TDL coach will educate you around nutrition enabling you to develop the flexibility to be making your own nutritional choices.

Over the coaching period you will embark on topics such as calories, macronutrients, stress, sleep, cravings, scale weight fluctuations etc. You will develop a broad understanding around all aspects of nutrition, fitness, health and mindset. 

Over time you will build confidence in your own nutritional capabilities and you will cement new skills and habits. You will develop skills to implement the TDL approach for life. 

TDL coaching is delivered throughout the UK and overseas using virtual meeting software (zoom). You do not need to be in Aberdeen to work with a TDL coach