A Note From Our Founder, Dr Aileen

"My mission is to empower and educate women to become their healthiest and happiest selves"

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TDL is comprised of a team of health coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers and therapists.

We work 1:1 with busy professional women to help women to take control of their health and lose weight by repairing their relationship with food, banishing comfort eating and prioritising themselves and their self-care.

We want women to be able to put their physical, emotional and social health at the top of the priority list without thought or effort.

This should be an easy and natural choice, a sustainable lifestyle change that we pass onto generations to come.

Many of the women I speak to are focusing on the wrong things, they spend their lives rushing around prioritising everyone and everything else above themselves! The compromise, their health.

The result... they are stressed out, burned out and exhausted.

Their waistline expands as the weight piles on.

They tell themselves "if only I could lose the weight I'd be happier, or more confident"

Yet they spend their life investing in superficial off the self plans, programs & 'clapping classes' fail to deliver long term results.

The truth is, the food that you eat is only a small part of the story.

If you only focus on one thing - food - without asking why we're craving the chocolate bar or biscuits (that you told yourself was off-limits) then you're merely putting a bandaid on a symptoms rather than treating the true cause.

Make sense?

The reason you eat the food (an exhausting day at work, deadlines, running late, lack of a lunch break, a poor nights sleep, rushing around, lack of time or kids playing up) is the key to unlocking a long term, achievable and realistic solution.

5 years ago I founded The TDL Method, a holistic health strategy to help women take control of all aspects of their health.

Each coaching journey is customised to the needs of the individual focusing on what's important to them.

Covering nutrition - what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat, unlocking confidence, optimising sleeping, minimising stress, consistent exercise and multiplying energy.

TDL Method is an exclusive opportunity and because it's delivered 1:1 we only have a limited number of spots available each month.

To apply for coaching click the link below and submit a short questionnaire - this was we can ensure we can actually help before we get started.

Got questions? Use the contact us form and the team will get back to you as soon as we can.

Dr Aileen