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A Note From Our Founder, Dr Aileen

"My mission is to empower and educate women to become their healthiest and happiest selves"

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I see you… 


⭐️ You long for a sustainable and enjoyable way to get healthy and lose weight so you can finally feel energised, confident and in control, knowing you’ll keep the weight off for good.


⭐️ You dream of feeling relaxed around food, looking forward to socialising and enjoying a meal out without guilt or fear of sabotaging your weight loss progress.


⭐️ You want to feel comfortable in your own skin and enjoy getting dressed in the morning admiring the woman looking back at you in the mirror.


⭐️ You’re proud of your career success and crave that level of accomplishment in your health and well-being. You know you can do it if you find the right support and guidance to introduce a healthy & balanced approach.


⭐️ You’re incredible at looking out for others, and you’re juggling a lot, but you know that this is your time. It feels uncomfortable, but deep down, you know you deserve to make your health and well-being a priority.


This is more than just weight loss. 


You’ve been trying to lose weight for years, but this time it’s different.


This time, you’re ready to find the balance in life so you can truly embody a healthier, happier and more energetic you by using a sustainable, enjoyable approach that lasts for life.


Being a healthy, energetic and confident woman means…


➡️ A sense of inner peace and accomplishment, having finally freed yourself from constant thoughts of what to eat, comfort eating, mindless snacking and unsustainable dieting approaches.


➡️ Looking forward to meals out, ordering from the menu confidently and enjoying the occasion without fear of missing out or sabotaging your weight loss progress.


➡️ Having the energy to be fully present with your loved ones filling the house with laughter even after a long day at work


➡️ Making peace with the scales, cultivating body confidence and learning to love yourself and all that you've accomplished in your life. You ARE enough! You ARE worthy!


➡️ Embodying the role model wife, boss or mum that you’ve always dreamed you could be, the healthiest and happiest you who inspires others to make healthy choices.


But I get it. It still feels out of your grasp.


You’ve tried many times, but you’ve only had temporary results.


You feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to stick to anything consistently.


You’ve tried every diet under the sun… Slimming clubs, cutting carbs, counting calories, fasting, you name it… 


You get your hopes up thinking, “this is finally going to be it.”


These approaches have initial results, but they’re almost impossible to stick to, and results are short lived


I understand how frustrating that must be to think you’ve finally found the solution only to learn that none of these quick fix restrictive approaches will genuinely help you reach your weight loss and wellbeing goals.


You’ve probably asked yourself, “if I can’t stick to it, do I really want it enough?”


As if you didn’t already have enough to think about the conflicting dietary advice available today probably has your head in a spin.


You’ve probably found yourself asking…

  • Should I eat carbs or cut them out?

  • Is it better to count calories or eat intuitively?

  • Does fasting speed up weight loss or slow down my metabolism?

  • What’s the impact of all of these diets on my metabolism?

  • Is sugar bad?


I see how hard you’ve tried, and I see your frustration.


This isn’t your fault that you’re feeling stuck, lacking in motivation and direction.


You’ve probably said, “I should be able to do this myself!”


I know you’re feeling embarrassed about the number of times you’ve tried to lose weight and frustrated because it never stays off.


You blame yourself, and you blame your lack of willpower.


& that makes total sense because you’ve been conditioned to believe that you’re the problem.


But you’re not.


The fact that you can’t lose weight and keep it off for good is not your fault.


The trillion-pound dieting industry has led you to believe that weight loss means restriction.


They’ve told you that you need to be more disciplined.


They’ve told you that you need to try harder and have more willpower.


It makes total sense. 


I can completely understand why you’ve been putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect and stick to a restrictive plan because you’ve been led to believe that this is the only way to get healthy and lose weight.


But these approaches are unhealthy, unsustainable and unrealistic.


These approaches do not champion health.


🚫 Nobody can live off 1200 calories a day!


🚫 Nobody can cut out carbs, chocolate and alcohol from their diet for life!


🚫 Nobody should be eating rabbit food to lose weight!


🚫 Nobody should be using exercise to burn off a delicious meal out!

I also know you’ve never really put yourself first... 


You might be wearing many hats right now.


You might be a career woman,


You might be a wife,


You might be a mum…


You’re juggling a lot. Taking care of work obligations, household responsibilities and everything in between. 


There’s been a shift within you. You have recognised that for you to successfully wear all of the hats, you can’t be pouring from an empty cup.


This is your time to finally see your health & well-being as an equal priority and to do something for yourself.


Being the best wife, mum or career woman stems from feeling good about and caring for yourself.


You want to be the role model and set an example.


This starts with you stepping into your own power.


You’re a good person; you spend a lot of your time and energy supporting and encouraging others.


I know how important it is for you to do something that’s just for you.


I LOVE THAT. This is you stepping into your power.


I’m rooting for you.


This is YOUR time.


I want you to know that this is all entirely possible for you, no matter what you’ve tried in the past.


⭐️Imagine never having to rely on willpower again, being freed from comfort eating and never having to diet again.


⭐️Imagine having total clarity on why your get fit and healthy attempts didn’t work out in the long term and no longer blaming yourself for your lack of willpower.


⭐️Imagine an effortless, easy and enjoyable approach to losing weight sustainably that your 

confident will last for life. 


⭐️Imagine being able to enjoy a meal out with pleasure without the fear of ruining your weight loss progress.


⭐️Imagine enjoying getting dressed in the morning, fitting back into your beautiful clothes and looking in the mirror with pride.


⭐️Imagine being able to switch off from a busy, stressful day at work and sleep soundly, so you awaken feeling energised and enthused about the day ahead.


I believe every woman deserves to look and feel their best without having to force themselves into unsustainable habits.


It’s not OK that the dieting industry encourages unrealistic and restrictive health and weight loss approaches.


These approaches are idealistic, making women feel like a failure when they can’t stick to it.


NOBODY can maintain this level of perfection in the long term.


These restrictive approaches are counterproductive, doing more harm than good.


They lead to more fatigue, more stress, hormonal imbalance, cravings, comfort eating, self-sabotage and weight loss resistance.


Sure, maybe losing some weight but feeling restricted, hungry and exhausted in the process.


& the pattern of weight loss and regain is likely to continue to repeat until you say enough is enough!


This is why it isn’t your fault!


Despite what you’ve been led to believe, this isn’t about not having enough willpower or that you don’t want it enough.


I know how important this is to you, how hard you’ve tried and for how many years you’ve been trying is a testimony to that


Only now can you see that it’s not you that’s the problem. It’s the dieting industry as a whole.


Nobody can stick to these approaches long-term.


As a medical Doctor, Lifestyle Physician & Nutrition Coach, I believe that the key to losing weight is sustainability and balance, making health the top priority at all times.


This means…


✅ Inclusive and balanced nutrition where chocolate, carbs and meals out can be enjoyed without guilt or fear of sabotaging your weight loss progress


✅ Learning how to eat intuitively instead of constantly ruminating about food or having to count, track or weigh every morsel of food


✅ Addressing holistic aspects of health such as sleep, stress and work-life balance so you can rebalance your hormones and feel fully energised.


✅ Exercising in a way that nourishes your body and soul rather than to burn calories and lose weight


✅ Learning about the science of nutrition, health, weight loss and human behaviour so you can debunk and finally shake the myths that have conditioned you to believe that this is your fault


✅ Learning how to finally put yourself as an equal priority in a way that feels good so you can fully embody healthy habits welcoming them as part of your identity


Over the last 6 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women to diagnose and treat the root cause of weight gain, stress and exhaustion so they can take control of their health, beat fatigue, manage stress and lose weight.


This is why I created the TDL Method, an elite and personalised 12-week coaching experience.


A 1:1 personalised approach to help professional women look and feel their best by building healthy habits to beat fatigue, manage stress, eliminate comfort eating and lose weight sustainably without restrictive dieting, relying on willpower or falling back into old habits.


Here's how I do it:


Pillar 1: Total Reset

Get to the root cause of why previous “get healthy & lose weight” attempts have not worked long-term so you can stop blaming yourself and step away from quick-fix restrictive dieting approaches for good.


Together we’ll build out your personalised health & wellbeing roadmap, which introduces simple tweaks to help you make healthy food choices, sleep better and manage stress so you can get healthier and feel good while losing weight.


Relax into feeling fully supported with daily access to your own personal coach to ensure you have your questions answered along the way, making adjustments as you progress.


Pillar 2: Diet & Lifestyle Design

Learn my 4 key nutritional shifts that will allow you to fast-track your weight loss and maximise your energy without restriction, guilt, hunger or having to count calories.


Next, we dive into the 5 core habit pillars so you can make easy and consistent healthy choices to nourish your mind and body even if you’re short on time or under pressure at work.

Pillar 3: Lifelong Results

Learn how to reprogram your mindset for results that last so that your healthy lifestyle becomes an unconscious part of your identity instead of relying on motivation. 


You’ll develop self-confidence and self-trust, knowing that you can rely on your habits & intuition with ease to make healthy decisions. The best part is knowing that you’ll never have to embark on a restrictive or fad diet ever again!


✅ Make small, sustainable and enjoyable changes that feel easy and effortless, so you actually enjoy the process of getting fitter, healthier and having more energy while still losing weight.


✅ Finally, feel in control of your diet instead of food controlling you.


✅ Learn how to eat out easily, so no matter if you travel for work, have a client meal or a family celebration, you’ll be able to enjoy the occasion without missing out, sabotaging your weight loss progress or feeling guilty the next day.


✅ Eliminate temptation and cravings for good and never again feel the internal battle of feeling restricted and having to say no. 


✅ Diagnose your comfort eating triggers and learn how to implement the fail-safe tools to manage these with ease.


✅ No more exercising to burn calories or guilt after eating. You’ll know exactly how to fuel your body and what exercise supports your mental well-being.


✅ Free yourself from “good days and bad days” using a personalised and realistic approach that’s so enjoyable that willpower isn’t required.


✅ Finally, reach a level of self-confidence and self-trust, knowing you’ll never have to do a restrictive diet every again.


✅ Become the woman who makes healthy decisions intuitively, confidently and easily, making you a role model for so many other women and children.


I know you’ve been craving support like this.


It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say enough, no more.


If you’re ready to be supported in a personalised way by a team of experts, I want to personally invite you to apply for coaching.


Once we have reviewed your application, I’ll personally reach out to arrange a Discovery Call.


A Discovery Call is an opportunity to chat 1:1 for 45 minutes and get clear on your personal situation with attention to your goals and obstacles.


Because coaching is bespoke and personalised, it’s important we are confident in our ability to support you before inviting you to enrol in 1:1 coaching.


Click the button below and apply for coaching.



Dr Aileen  

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