About Dr Aileen Alexander

I'm Dr Aileen Alexander, Coach and Founder of TDL. I'm also an NHS GP and certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

I LOVE my job!

Using my diverse skills and experience I have developed the TDL method; I help busy professional women take charge of their health through weight loss and energy optimisation.

I get it, your life is BUSY and your are EXHAUSTED from the seemingly never ending dieting cycle but I have a solution for you…

I’ve coached a multitude of women over the last 4 years at TDL. I've helped women like you to lose fat and keep it off for good!

My role is to eliminate dieting myths and teach you the real science behind dieting and the hormones responsible for emotional eating.

TDL is the END of fad diets, miserable bland food, food elimination, extreme calorie restriction and so called quick fixes.

As a GP I recognise that sleep, time management, stress and relationships have a HUGE impact on our dietary cravings and choices.

I look deeper, to identify the triggers and support you in removing the true source of your problems rather than struggling to manage the symptoms…

Not only will I transform your body. I promise to transform your mind too.

Coaching is bespoke and by application only.

Places are limited... but if we're a good fit I'll teach you everything I know to help you lose fat and keep it off for good!

Use the link below to book a FREE Discovery Call and chat to me personally about your goals.

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Aberdeen United Kingdom

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