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by Dr Aileen Alexander

A personalised approach to help women beat fatigue, manage stress & lose weight sustainably without restrictive dieting.

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What our ladies say...

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The bespoke nutrition plan including "non-optimals" (couldn't go without my pickled onion Monster Munch!) is a revelation.

Doesn't feel like you're dieting at all.

I actually struggled to fit the snacks in as there was so much food.
I'm well on my way to losing 1.5 stone"

Joanna McConville


Finally, I feel like I get it. I understand that truly everything in moderation is possible. I know that I CAN have pasta, cheese, chocolate, and all those other things that most plans take away...

I know that I don’t have to beast myself in the gym every day to compensate for anything “bad” that I’ve eaten. I’ve learnt to eat intuitively, which, after years and years AND YEARS of tracking, is bliss."

Jo-Anna Francis


"I have never been happy with my weight, and yo yo’d depending on which diet I was trying, and then giving up on!

I have never found a sustainable way of staying at my target weight or thereabouts…

That was until I found TDL!

I lost the 1 stone in weight which I wanted to lose."

Michelle Duncan

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"It's changed so many things for me. I've not only lost excess weight but I've had mindset changes that I couldn't have imagined before starting this journey.

I've improved my energy levels, sleep patterns & general mental wellbeing. Turns out that these things have overtaken the former in importance. Thank you so much Team TDL X"

Caroline Joyce


"TDL is THE BEST investment I have ever made in myself.

I have lost weight and developed healthier eating habits by following a meal plan and weekly coaching.

I never felt at any point that I was even on a diet!"

Liz Shroberts


I've gone from feeling low about myself, always overthinking, binging on foods, and trying every diet out there to now feeling more positive, more confident with myself, and having a totally different mindset with food.

I can enjoy food without feeling restricted or guilty and still lose weight!

Thank you to everyone involved in TDL it's been amazing!"

Abbie Rosenblatt

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